12 National Trust Properties to visit in 2018: – I can honestly say that our National Trust passes are by the far the best value for money we have ever spent. They saved me while I was on maternity leave, giving me an excuse to go out and explore. We have managed to tick a fair few of the list over the last couple of years some of which I have written about here. Yet there are still so many that we have to visit. With this in mind I thought I would write a list of twelve we hope to visit this year.  In theory thats only one a month so totally doable. I will also be adding these to 2018 Family Bucket List to make sure we manage it.


  • Uppark House –  A grade two 17th century house and garden
  • Bodium Castle – 14th century moated castle which looks stunning


  • Hatchlands Park – Grade one listed property and large surrounding parkland


  • The Vyne – Tudor Mansion with a walled garden and tea rooms


  • Emmetts Garden  Hillside garden with exotic shrubs and a formal rose garden, plus picnic meadow and garden games.
  • Knole – One of Englands largest houses, based in a 1000 acre park.
  • Ightham Mote – Medieval moated Manor House

Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire:

  • Greys Court – Tudor Country House and Gardens
  • Cliveden – The former home of the Astor family with views over looking the Thames
  • Nuffield Place – Country home of Lord Nuffield founder of the Morris Motor company
  • Ashridge Estate – Explore rolling chalk downlands and lush meadows
  • Claydon House – Grade one listed house within the Claydon Estate, which includes formal gardens, a woodland walk, and a productive kitchen garden.

Here are some of the ones we have visited to date:


  • Petworth – Its somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while as I often drive past its South Side entrance. However I have always been slightly put off by the apparent lack of parking. Also taking a rather large buggy around a stately pile did not fill me with with optimism. So feeling a little braver than usual I decided to investigate, after all whats the worse that could happen. I could end up turning around and going home….. All I can say is I am so glad I did, and we are already planning another trip…. Read More

  • Batemans – So while Hubby was still on Paternity leave we headed over to Batemans in East Sussex with some friends from our first NCT class. The Jacobean mansion was home to Rudyard Kipling and is set in some lovely grounds and there is a also a working mill to explore. However our first stop was the cafe after all Kipper was only two weeks old and needed a good meal….. Read More

  • Standen House – Last weekend we decided to venture a little further afield and try another National Trust property over near East Grinstead – Standen House. It came recommend by a friend who also joined us there. Standen House is an Arts and Crafts family home with Morris & Co. interiors, set in a beautiful hillside garden so not automatically on my list of places to visit with Monkey. However looking on the website there did look like a fair amount to keep children entertained…. Read More

  • Sheffield Park – I have been keenly attending my evening photography classes now for a couple of weeks. This week we learnt all about aperture, suddenly taking photos of Monkey with a background of household bits becomes less of a problem when you understand how to blur them! Next week we are doing a little show and tell and the tutor suggested getting some examples of pictures demonstrating what we have learnt. So the big question – where do I find a waterfall in Sussex? By using a high aperture setting the waterfall can appear wispy and cloud like while the remainder is sharp and focused. Sounded like a challenge and I thought it was worth ago…. Read More

  • Nymans – You may remember a post I wrote about Nymans in the Wintertime, my intention was to visit each season as part of making use of our National Trust passes. I wasn’t expecting to go back there quite as quickly but when a friend rung and suggested we take part in the easter Egg Hunt they were running on Good Friday I couldn’t resist…. Read More


  • Polesdon Lacey – We had a lovely couple of hours nosing in the rose garden and wandering around. The cake was particularly nice in the cafe an I may have come home with a couple of plants for our garden too. There is a big expanse of lawn in front of the house which has a beautiful view and some deck chairs. We brought a rug and let Kipper toddle around…. Read More


  • Mottisfont – Last year I visited Monttisfont when Kipper was a few weeks old. Its a good two hour journey from home and I did think at the time I must be mad stopping on route to feed. I love roses they are one of my favourite flowers and I had heard such good things about the display at Mottisfont, what better way to spend my maternity leave? Unfortunately I had missed the best of it, as they do not deadhead roses at Mottisfont. I was pretty disappointed. Although the place is still beautiful and  has a lot more going for it other than just the roses I really wanted to go back to see them…. Read More.


  • Sissinghurst Castle – Anyhow our last adventure was to Sissinghurst Castle in Kent. An adventure it was, at the main gates the kindly gentleman told us there was no buggies in the gardens…have you tried carrying around a hefty 5 month old all day in a carrier? I know there are people that do it, but generally I try to avoid it at all costs. He was very nice and they have carriers available for no charge should you need to borrow one. But it did make us consider turning around and visiting another property close by…. Read More

  • Scotney Castle – I am going to let you into a little secret … I hope I don’t regret it but this is the BEST place to get conkers!! Two years ago while on a little trip away with the in-laws we came across Scotney Castle. At that time there was a lot of restoration work going on so we didn’t go inside the building itself and the photos were pretty rubbish. I had always intended on going back to as its the sort of place that stays with you. However what with one thing or another we have only managed it two years later! And we didn’t even go in – Hubby had lost his National Trust card, or rather I had lost if for him. But thankfully we had only came for two things. 1. conkers and 2. pumpkins – well when you are 4 years old aren’t they the most important things in the world?…. Read More

Which is your favourite National Trust property? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. What lovely photos. We don’t have many NT properties near to where we live. We will when we move but for now the one that is the closest will certainly do as it’s fabulous. There’s always so much to do and it’s nice that they make their properties so welcoming to families.

  2. A useful review with lovely photos. Thanks for breaking down your suggestions by county. As a non-driver, I struggle to get to NT properties with the children so we don’t have a favourite. However, I will have a look and see if I can get to any of those you have suggested.

  3. We have English Heritage membership but I’m tempted to get National Trust as well as there are so many fab places to visit. I love that these are all close to me (as we must live vaguely near each other!)

  4. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    A bit far from me but lovely to read about and fabulous photographs, thank you.

  5. I would really like to get a National Trust pass in the summer, I love visiting manor houses, estates and gardens with the family.

  6. Wow so many gorgeous places and all way too far for us to visit – boo! There are some amazing national trust places up here too to be fair, you can’t go wrong getting outdoors and enjoying some of these sites!

  7. You’ve taken some beautiful pictures. We’ve not visited any of the sites in England only Wales. Will have to this year x

  8. I sounds like a well worth while pass, I went to Dartmouth Castle last year and it was beautiful and would recommend it and the town for 2019 if you get time.

  9. National Trust passes are great – I really want to sign up and get one. There are so many beautiful places to visit nearby. Su x

  10. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Been to several of these one day ill explore them all

  11. We love national trust but have never thought about getting the passes. Might need to talk to the hubby about this.

  12. LOVE National Trust places, these are all a little far away from us but we have some beautiful places in Cheshire too.

  13. I keep umming and ahing about whether to get an NT pass. I’m not sure if we would use it enough. Killerton is probably my nearest NT property although I’ve only visited the gardens for the Easter Egg hunt. Maybe I should include ‘become more cultured’ as one of my NY resolutions!

  14. I’m definitely adding a few of these to my must visits this year. We’re planning on getting out of Cornwall and seeing some much further afield. Our National Trust pass has been well used to. They’re so fabulous for kids aren’t they. I always love that there is something extra for them to do and that there are always seasonal activities. x #BloggerClubUK

  15. Hi, we love to visit National Trust places so yeh for their yearly membership. We love Nymans and Batemans #BloggerClubUK

  16. I have loved our National Trust card! It’s such a good value card I think. Thank you for this review as we have explored the West Country so now onto new places! #bloggrclubuk

  17. Makes me wish I lived there! Looks like such fun places. I think I will look around the States and see what I have similar.

  18. Jane Davies Reply

    Since my new years resolution is to get out and do more walking this year, this has been a great read. Many places on here my children would enjoy too. Thanks 🙂

  19. Rachel Atkinson Reply

    I love national trust properties. Will have to give some of these a visit.

  20. I’ve only been to four of these, we actually stayed at the Nat Trust B&B at Sissinghurst which is a real treat. If you ever venture Norfolk way with your pass you’ll love Felbrigg Hall and Oxborough is one of my fave places in the whole world! #bloggerclubuk

  21. These are all a long way from me but it just goes to show how much there is to do in the south east of England. It’s not somewhere I normally think of visiting for leisure. #bloggerclubuk

  22. I’ve been in the UK now for 3 years and haven’t yet ventured to many NT properties, this needs to change in 2018 and you’ve got some great places on the list ? #BloggerClubUK

  23. Laura | Dot Makes 4 Reply

    I’ve been toying with getting a pass for the National Trust for a while. Looking at these photos, I think we’re definitely going to have to get one!

  24. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Dinefwr , Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire . stunning place with a deer park, really lovely x

  25. paula cheadle Reply

    we have been to a lot of national trust places over the years, but we have not been to the ones you have listed

  26. Hannah Wallington Reply

    This looks lovely. When I can drive I definitely need to get a membership.

  27. Kerry Taylor Reply

    I’m in Yorkshire, and there are very few near us, which is a shame.

  28. Deborah MacKenzie Reply

    Not sure as we live in Scotland; but we love the Trossachs.

  29. I hadn’t realised how many of these I’d actually visited, they are a great collection. I think even those I haven’t visited I’ve seen some wonderful posts from those who have. I hope you get to explore them all. I think my favourite is Knole for the deer in the park.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKiids


    So many beautiful places, we love visiting Arnside & Silverdale which isn’t far from us

  31. I loved Ashtodge Estate when we suited a few years ago. The bluebells are really impressive. #countrykids

  32. Sarah Austin Reply

    I’ve got a national trust card and this has reminded me to get out there and use the card to see all these great properties!

  33. We’ve visited a lot of those you’ve mentioned over the last seven years. Stowe and Waddesdon are our favourites on the door step. But I also love Croome, Charlecote Park and Packwood House. You can’t beat NT adventures with kids in my opinion #CountryKids

  34. Shame you missed the roses at Mottisfont – we love going at that time of year x Some great suggestions for 2018 x #CountryKids x

  35. these all look fab – being in Wales we also have some amazing sites to visit – my personal fave is a local one- St Fagans Folk Museum – if you are ever in the area it is definitely worth a visit

  36. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    We love Packwood House, lovely daffodils in the spring, great gardens & the hose is a size that you can imagine living in.

  37. becci cleary Reply

    We have quite a few National Trust Locations near us in Merseyside but we have never ever visited one! I have browsed the website and bookmarked a few pages for days out with the kids – Thanks for the nudge 🙂

  38. Tee Simpson Reply

    Some beautiful places on this review. Hoping to get to at least one this year

  39. What a lot of gorgeous NT properties. I haven’t been to any of those, sadly.

    If you’re ever in East Anglia I highly recommend Sheringham Park, Felbrigg House, Blickling Hall and Ickworth House. #countrykids

  40. Oh I loved this! One of our new favourites is West Green House Gardens which is actually our nearest. It’s so lovely to explore, not huge and has the cutest tearoom x

  41. Tracy Nixon Reply

    So many great places to take the family! Thanks for the reviews!

  42. you have def added more to my UK Visit list, love a good historic property – we have such a fantastic history which is why I love being a volunteer leader at the Local Young archaeologist club


    Fantastic places to visit and you’ve given me some great info about where to take my grandchildren this year

  44. sheri Darby Reply

    These look amazing – we really must try and visit some of them

  45. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    These all look and sound stunning. National Trust passes are brilliant.

  46. The only one I’ve been to before is Bodiam Castle (i’m from Sussex), not been since I was a kid though

  47. sarah pearce Reply

    Wow great reviews again,not many around me and my toddler only travels when she is in the right mood,but a good selection to keep in mind ,thank you x

  48. sharon stanley Reply

    The The Jacobean mansion looks amazing . I love taking the girls to historical places where they are actually able to touch things. It’s no fun for little ones looking through panes of glass or trying to keep my very hyperactive 7 year old from heading straight for artifacts that have big ‘no touching’ signs on them.

  49. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    Beautiful choices. We have a few national trust places in Wales we would love to visit, including a beautiful waterfall and nature walk, they are a great company protecting our nature and wildlife xx

  50. Emma Stockdale Reply

    Fabulous blog post. You should definitely visit Charlecote Park in Warwickshire for miles of parkland to run around and some beautiful fallow deer to see.

  51. My daughter and I have just finished our passport, it’s taken us a couple of years. We have our more frequented local places and tend to take holidays to get to places further away. I’m up in North Yorkshire. Just bought our second passport to begin filling up once the weather changes.
    Our favorite places so far have been,
    Locally fountains abbey, we spend many many days here you can not possibly see it in a day and there is always something different going on, it’s literally a few miles away for us and that alone is worth the yearly membership.
    Northumberland, Wallington Hall, it’s not a huge property but has a unique painted middle courtyard type area in the middle of the house it reminds me of a scene from the never ending story. It has a nice garden, they were selling a collection of seeds last year so going to get planting soon and have a blooming garden myself this summer!
    Gibside, such a marvelous place for walking on a nice day, has a great children’s playroom in the stable block too.
    Cheshire, Dunham Massey, worth going for the deer and the ducks, the house is lovely too.
    Cambria, sandscale haws. Beautiful quiet huge sand dunes and natterjack toads, it’s a weird remote place where you can have peace and quiet and a nice short walk on the beach.
    Derbyshire, Kedelston Hall, this place has the wow factor, it’s the only place I’ve walked in a room and said ” oh my god” then looked at the volunteer and said ” you must hear that all day long”!
    Sudbury Hall, it has a children’s museum which my daughter loved, she wants a second visit!
    Norfolk, horsey windpump something a little different and we walked down the path to see the seals and their pups. Having never seen seals before it was an amazing day.
    So those are our favourites from 30 so far.

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